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 Have you ever noticed how 

 seems to make the world a   

 lighting a candle

 better place?


Pigmint Arome scented candle collection

Yet we kept spending too much on lackluster looking candles because the underwhelming alternatives smelled too sticky sweet or had virtually no scent at all. 

We have too.

So we spent the better part of a year with the masters of the industry developing the perfect combination. Design forward, bold and hyper fragrant. Because we do not like to settle. We don't think you should either. 


From our flower shop beginnings,            remains our singular touchstone and driving force—both in life and in business."


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Welcome to your scent journey. We are so happy you found us.


Meet Sabina and Chelsea - two creatives focused on design and developing objects of desire to elevate our daily rituals. What started as an on-screen design duo evolved into a multifaceted creative partnership. We founded Pigmint Arome with a goal to create luxury home fragrance with a scent throw that encaptures an entire room, a point of view rooted in design details and a level of quality consistent with master candlemakers. Pigmint Arome is the culmination of our obsession with design, quality and fragrance. Dedicated to the craft of creating uniquely perfect scents, Pigmint Arome stands apart with its hyper saturated fragrances, monochromatic vessels and bold aesthetics.  


Welcome to Pigmint, your fragrance authority for the home. From our flower shop beginnings, scent remains our singular touchstone and driving force—both in life and in business. Style, quality, attention to detail and well-being are cornerstones of our brand. From candles and room sprays to reed diffusers, we’re committed to awakening your olfactory senses with the absolute best in scent.  

xx Sabina and Chelsea

We hold the idea that leopard is a neutral. That all candles should not just have a point of view but embolden your entire space with an intoxicating fragrance. That design and details always matter. We believe in creating stunning things that evoke emotions and make the world a happier place. ​We think the power of scent is underrated, and that candlelight makes everything better. Always.


"We believe that everyone deserves to feel mesmerized by intoxicating fragrances."

"Partnering with artists is something we are deeply passionate about."

Artist Sabina Vavra

 In developing our Core Collection we chose Archan Nair, a Berlin based mixed media artist, to create the painterly artwork which adorns our packaging. Six images of women, with vibrant color, rich texture and hidden elements cascading throughout their hair were created. Each image representing a specific one of our core scents. A select strand of hair from each of the six women were used to create the artwork on our packaging. This is why we consider each candle to be 

your own mini masterpiece.  

We believe that everyone deserves to feel mesmerized by intoxicating fragrances and want to ensure you candle permeates your entire area with a lovely scent when lit. We take special pride in crafting each of our candle scents, spending countless hours at the laboratory and with our perfume makers to create what we think are miny masterpieces. Each of our bespoke fragrances are infused with 12% perfume oil. This is one of our major differentiators. 

Home Fragrance

Our exclusive fragrances are carefully formulated from exotic botanicals and essential oils sourced globally. Hand poured in the USA from a soy and coconut-blended wax, each of our candles are hyper saturated with perfume oil, ensuring a bold,

unforgettable scent when lit.  

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